About Us

Teragonia reimagines how financial sponsors execute their investment theses, from investment sourcing to exit, to maximize value to all stakeholders.
We create digital solutions at the intersection of business knowledge, technology, and quantitative techniques to provide clarity and focus at sponsor velocity.

Teragonia raised over $10 million in seed funding from private investors with extensive experience and networks in the financial sponsor industry.

Why we do what we do

Who we are as individuals is identical to who we are at work every day.
Our values provide the foundation to make our vision a reality and achieve our mission together.


We will revolutionize the formulation and implementation of business investment strategies.

We are creating an ecosystem of connected data and actionable intelligence that solves strategic business challenges with purposeful innovation. We deliver safely, securely, quickly, and responsibly.


Synthesize business domain knowledge, quantitative techniques, and technology to boost the systemic efficiency of the financial sponsor universe

Our people

We draw our strength from diversity, and are inspired by global cultures exemplifying philosophical abstraction, scientific thought, intellectual humility, entrepreneurial innovation, and unity in community. We work together to build technology rapidly that solves today’s business challenges while anticipating tomorrow’s.

Our Aim

Citius – Altius – Fortius / Faster – Higher – Stronger

We are driven by the Olympic motto to deliver results faster every time, consistently maximize stakeholder value, and continuously fortify businesses with solutions that will withstand constant change.


Great people do great work in a great environment—for it is within the unity of a diverse community that creativity and passion flourish.


We champion the courage to innovate with purpose in a psychologically safe environment. We understand and value that true change starts with an empowered team and not prescribed by leadership. 

Intellectual humility

We foster a culture of knowledge sharing and debate in a bias and ego-free intellectual environment to keep us grounded. We recognize the limits of our knowledge and susceptibility to subconscious biases and prejudices.


We stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. We build relationships by being honest, accountable, and reliable.


We believe in lifelong learning as well as our strengths and vulnerabilities as individuals. By accepting ourselves and others without judgment, we contribute and create freely in a positive environment leading to optimal results.


Continuous improvement inspires us. We constantly learn from each experience and challenge norms and traditions to drive innovation and efficiency.


I am because we are. We always place communal goals above the individual’s ambitions. A deep sense of sharing binds and unites us among ourselves and with our stakeholders.


Our respect for the individual transcends nationality, language, education, gender and gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, generation, age, socioeconomic background, religious background, abilities, and disabilities. 


Ideas and innovation are only possible when we listen to and empower each other. Transparent partnerships with open conversations enable us to perform at our best every day.

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Thomas Thayyil Thomas

Chartered Accountant | Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
MS International Accounting and Finance | University of Strathclyde, U.K.
Master of Commerce, Finance | Mahatma Gandhi University, India

A proven business builder, innovator and M&A advisor with significant global experience, and adept in quantitative techniques and technology, Thomas brings forth a unique set of perspectives and capabilities to boost the systemic efficiency of fast-growing enterprises. Thomas has been a trusted advisor throughout his professional services career to several financial sponsors, sovereign wealth funds and Fortune 100 corporations, throughout the M&A life cycle from deal sourcing, deal execution, post-close value creation, to exit.

Prior to founding Teragonia, Thomas worked at Houlihan Lokey for five years where he established two successful and fast-growing practices from the ground up, including a traditional financial due diligence practice as well as a sophisticated data science practice. At Houlihan Lokey, he led the design and development of a fit-for-purpose, cutting-edge, and highly secure data science technology platform capable of hosting thousands of users and supporting several hundred clients. Leveraging the platform, he innovated several scalable and quickly deployable analytics applications creating significant value for the financial sponsor clients. Examples include various analytics and data science applications for deal sourcing, greenfield growth strategy, price optimization, salesforce effectiveness, customer retention, workforce rationalization, and location performance optimization.

Prior to Houlihan Lokey, Thomas spent more than a decade at Ernst & Young working in the Assurance, M&A Diligence and Strategy Consulting practices across the Atlantic.