Introducing Teragonia: a Digital Capability Enabler Dedicated to Serving Financial Sponsors

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (September 20, 2023) – Teragonia Inc. announces the launch of its Digital Capabilities as a Service (DCaaS) for financial sponsors and their portfolio companies. The company’s mission is to help private market investors and operators boost productivity and investment returns by harnessing the power of their data and quickly adapt to the generative AI era. The company reimagines how financial sponsors formulate and execute their investment theses with its highly optimized technology infrastructure and multidisciplinary team of experts, who possess a deep knowledge of the financial sponsor operating model.

Teragonia raised over $10 million in seed funding from private investors with extensive experience and networks in the financial sponsor industry. Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP advised Teragonia as its legal counsel in the transaction.

“Teragonia helps financial sponsors exponentially increase closed deal volume and investment returns through a rapidly deployable, highly secure, and fit-for-purpose technology infrastructure with embedded data science and generative AI solutions. We are vision-partners to financial sponsors and their portfolio companies, supporting them in the transition to next-gen private market investors and operators,” says Thomas Thayyil Thomas, chief executive officer and co-founder. “We enable our clients to quickly tap the power of connected business intelligence, data science, and generative AI, whether they are transitioning from spreadsheets to data warehousing or from advanced business intelligence to the world of machine learning and generative AI.” 

Teragonia’s modular and additive approach to digital capability development is aimed at yielding material enterprise value throughout their clients’ digital journey, culminating in novel digital revenue streams. Teragonia’s fully-managed infrastructure is modular and detachable by design, so it can be smoothly transitioned to the financial sponsors and the portfolio companies on demand, due to their continued growth or any ownership changes.

“We evaluated various technologies in depth to select the most secure and scalable systems that can be deployed within days to save our clients significant time and effort associated with technology evaluation, vendor negotiations, design, and implementation. With our fully-managed, pre-provisioned, and multi-tenanted infrastructure, our clients can immediately unleash the power of actionable business intelligence and predictive analytics to accelerate their current vision and strategies,” says Weimen Li, chief technology officer and co-founder. “We can augment the potential of our clients’ in-house capabilities through a symbiotic partnership. Our strong research and development partnerships with global data and technology behemoths enable us to bring the best and newest technology to our clients.” 

Financial sponsors typically face challenges in recruiting, developing, and retaining teams of in-house experts specialized in multiple technical domains. Teragonia has assembled a team of software engineers, data scientists, AI engineers, and business intelligence experts qualified from top-tier institutions with prior experience working at Fortune 100 companies and global consulting firms. The centralized talent pool enables Teragonia to service financial sponsors at a fraction of the costs relative to an in-house team.

“Teragonia genuinely believes in intellectual humility, the multi dimensionality of our people, and the openness to listen to ideas without bias. We are building an organization where the best solutions are born in a psychologically safe environment from empowered and creative people, who exemplify scientific thought and entrepreneurial innovation,” says Dr. Sai Mali Ananthanarayanan, chief data scientist and co-founder. “Together, we apply advanced quantitative techniques and generative AI solutions to boost productivity at the fund level and to rapidly increase margin velocity within the portfolio companies depending on our clients’ strategic priorities.” 

Teragonia’s solutions feature state-of-the-art, user-friendly interfaces, giving clients the power to unlock sophisticated data science methods and generative AI without requiring additional education and training. For more information, visit and follow their latest news on LinkedIn.

About Teragonia Inc.

Teragonia provides digital capabilities to financial sponsors as a managed service. The company creates curated digital solutions at the intersection of business knowledge, technology, and quantitative techniques to provide clarity and focus for private market investors and operators. For more information, visit


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Thomas Thayyil Thomas

Chartered Accountant | Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
MS International Accounting and Finance | University of Strathclyde, U.K.
Master of Commerce, Finance | Mahatma Gandhi University, India

A proven business builder, innovator and M&A advisor with significant global experience, and adept in quantitative techniques and technology, Thomas brings forth a unique set of perspectives and capabilities to boost the systemic efficiency of fast-growing enterprises. Thomas has been a trusted advisor throughout his professional services career to several financial sponsors, sovereign wealth funds and Fortune 100 corporations, throughout the M&A life cycle from deal sourcing, deal execution, post-close value creation, to exit.

Prior to founding Teragonia, Thomas worked at Houlihan Lokey for five years where he established two successful and fast-growing practices from the ground up, including a traditional financial due diligence practice as well as a sophisticated data science practice. At Houlihan Lokey, he led the design and development of a fit-for-purpose, cutting-edge, and highly secure data science technology platform capable of hosting thousands of users and supporting several hundred clients. Leveraging the platform, he innovated several scalable and quickly deployable analytics applications creating significant value for the financial sponsor clients. Examples include various analytics and data science applications for deal sourcing, greenfield growth strategy, price optimization, salesforce effectiveness, customer retention, workforce rationalization, and location performance optimization.

Prior to Houlihan Lokey, Thomas spent more than a decade at Ernst & Young working in the Assurance, M&A Diligence and Strategy Consulting practices across the Atlantic.