Our platform is designed exclusively for the sponsor industry


Our highly secure infrastructure balances transparency and operational freedom for investors and management teams.


We build scalable cloud-native digital capabilities in a phased manner yielding tangible value along the way.


Our systems and solutions are detachable on-demand by design and can transition to our clients due to growth or ownership change.


We empower you with digital solutions providing
real-time actionable intelligence

Marketing Excellence

  • Attribution: Machine learning models to measure funnel performance and return on spend to maximize ROI
  • Retention and Churn Modeling: Predictive analytics to craft timely and impactful retention strategies for minimizing customer attrition
  • Campaign Effectiveness: A/B testing to assess and amplify high-impact marketing programs


Sales Team Empowerment

  • Cross-Selling: Leverage sales data to power recommendation engines that drive personalized cross-selling opportunities
  • Lead Prioritization: Design quantitative techniques to spotlight and rank sales leads with high revenue potential

Smart Pricing

  • Discounting: Employ market basket insights to craft compelling bundled product offers
  • Dynamic Pricing: Real-time analytics to calibrate pricing by capturing market dynamics and industry trends


  • Network Optimization: Apply network algorithms to strategically evaluate warehousing and distribution center footprint
  • Routing Optimization: Machine learning models to optimize transportation routes and schedules to enhance performance

Inventory Management

  • SKU Rationalization: Optimize product portfolio by eliminating low velocity and redundant SKUs
  • Stockout Analysis: Combine root-cause analysis and demand forecasting to minimize future stockouts

Workforce Scheduling

  • Staffing Optimization: Identify base and flex staffing patterns to minimize labor costs and maximize utilization
  • Smart Scheduling: AI-driven solutions for workforce scheduling balancing complexity, capability, location, and costs

Strategic Finance

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Leverage granular transaction-level information to budget and forecast
  • Value Creation Initiatives: Enterprise level monitoring of strategic project KPIs for resource and capital allocation

KPI Reporting

  • Department Performance Monitoring: Operationalize granular department KPIs to monitor the real-time health of the business
  • Self Service Analytics: Enable organization data maturity with BI dashboards and KPI data cubes

Financial Reporting

  • Aggregated Financial Reporting: Streamline and automate consolidated segment and/or location profit reporting
  • Investor Reporting: Automated board reporting packages

LP Report Automation

  • Automated LP reporting and portfolio valuation process to eliminate the risk of costly errors and save valuable investment professional time.

Fundraise Readiness

  • Connected intelligence framework throughout the sponsor eco-system enables real-time performance reporting that increases the efficiency of the fundraising efforts.

Knowledge Chatbots

  • Generative AI driven knowledge chatbots to drive insights from deal documents and increase productivity of the investment team and operating partners for pre-close diligence and investment evaluation.

White-space Identification

  • Advanced web-scraping techniques and geo-spatial analytics powered by generative AI to identify niche-white spaces and de-novo locations for organic and inorganic growth.

Self-service Analytics

  • Implementation of cloud-hosted data warehouses and advanced BI tools at the sponsor level to increase the efficiency of the fund professionals in research, due diligence, and value creation.

Exit Preparation

  • Integrated portfolio company reporting via a firm-wide connected intelligence framework enables a more efficient and effective market testing and exit readiness process through select intermediaries.

Exit Readiness

  • Portfolio performance analytics designed in the early stages, with an exit-in-sight view, increases the efficacy and speed of the exit process.

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Thomas Thayyil Thomas

Chartered Accountant | Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
MS International Accounting and Finance | University of Strathclyde, U.K.
Master of Commerce, Finance | Mahatma Gandhi University, India

A proven business builder, innovator and M&A advisor with significant global experience, and adept in quantitative techniques and technology, Thomas brings forth a unique set of perspectives and capabilities to boost the systemic efficiency of fast-growing enterprises. Thomas has been a trusted advisor throughout his professional services career to several financial sponsors, sovereign wealth funds and Fortune 100 corporations, throughout the M&A life cycle from deal sourcing, deal execution, post-close value creation, to exit.

Prior to founding Teragonia, Thomas worked at Houlihan Lokey for five years where he established two successful and fast-growing practices from the ground up, including a traditional financial due diligence practice as well as a sophisticated data science practice. At Houlihan Lokey, he led the design and development of a fit-for-purpose, cutting-edge, and highly secure data science technology platform capable of hosting thousands of users and supporting several hundred clients. Leveraging the platform, he innovated several scalable and quickly deployable analytics applications creating significant value for the financial sponsor clients. Examples include various analytics and data science applications for deal sourcing, greenfield growth strategy, price optimization, salesforce effectiveness, customer retention, workforce rationalization, and location performance optimization.

Prior to Houlihan Lokey, Thomas spent more than a decade at Ernst & Young working in the Assurance, M&A Diligence and Strategy Consulting practices across the Atlantic.